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M & A Advisory
Ethos Capital's core activity is to unlock value for its clients through Acquisitions, JV, Divestments and Strategic alliances
The team at Ethos has advised several marquee clients on numerous M&A transactions including cross border transactions and transactions involving complex structuring. The team fully understands the unique nature of each transaction and works with a plan for a definitive and time-bound outcome.

An acquisition transaction is evaluated on key aspects like business, culture, synergy, local regulations, deal terms and pricing. Such transactions often involve multiple rounds of negotiations and posturing. An experienced advisor like Ethos can help clients navigate through all this so that a well informed acquisition / divestment decision can be taken and the transaction can be consummated in a timely manner.

Ethos Capital's key strengths lie in -

  • Ability to advise clients free from any commercial pressures and conflicts
  • Ability to assess the best opportunity, allowing clients to make optimal choices
  • Being resourceful by having - Sector knowledge, market intelligence and access to the counter party universe
  • Experience of having worked in complex, tight timeline and sub optimal information situations
  • Understanding of cultural sensitivity and ability to manage the transaction process based on deal objectives
  • Ability to work with multiple teams (including lawyers, other tax and accounting advisors, multiple bidders)

  Ethos Capital Advisors
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