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India Entry
Ethos assists Companies looking to enter India, not only in partner selection but also on various strategic and financial aspects leading to a successful India foray.
The world has been looking at India as an attractive investment destination with -
- several strategic advantages
- a healthy and growing economy backed by a favourable demography
- a vast domestic market for products and services
leading to lucrative commercial incentives and high return on investments.

Over the past few years, while other economies saw sizeable contraction in GDP growth rates, India posted a growth rate of over 6%. The Indian Economy, while not significantly affected during the global recession, is preparing itself for another round of aggressive growth.

It is therefore apparent that India has a lot to offer to anyone looking to do business here from both the producers’ and consumers’ perspective.

The process of setting up business in India can be relatively uncomplicated if it is preceded by proper planning, market research and partner assessment.

International Companies or Investors seeking to set up operations or make investments in India need to appraise and structure their activities on the following pillars:

  • Strategy - Political and economical environment, market- potential research, product offering, target customers etc.
  • Partner Selection - Business synergy, core strengths, track record, long term strategy, terms of partnership and role clarity
  • Location Selection - Availability of work force, state laws and local regulations, connectivity to target market etc.
  • Prevailing laws - Exchange control laws, Corporate laws, Sector specific laws, Taxation, FDI Guidelines, Fiscal incentives based on locations etc.

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