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Corporate and financial Restructuring

Ethos Capital, with its team's vast deal experience and regulatory knowledge, can advise Companies on any
form of Corporate and Financial restructuring.

Changing business environment and volatile business situations warrant Companies to adopt flexible and workable corporate and capital structure. Corporate / Financial / Capital Restructuring may be required due to change in regulations, overleveraging or prior to an impending transaction.

Some of the situations leading to Corporate / Financial restructuring could be:

a) Preparation for an IPO / International Listing
b) Value unlocking – Divestiture, Slump sale, Subsidarization etc 
c) Merger, demerger, amalgamation through court schemes
d) Strategic Investments and Capital Raising
e) Regulatory Compliances and Tax Planning
f) Capital Reduction / Share Buy backs
g) Reducing financial leverage on the Balance Sheet etc.

Ethos can work closely with the Company to evaluate various available restructuring options, do a pros & cons analysis and assist in selection of the best course of action.

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